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Applied Solar Technologies

Applied Solar Technologies is a solar PV based off-grid power solution company that provides off-grid solar power currently to telecom towers which often rely on diesel based generation for 50 – 100% of their power requirements. AST builds and operates these solar installations and takes over the power supply management of each site. It uses a combination of solar PV, battery back-up and diesel generator making it a hybrid energy solution that optimizes the usage of various sources through a controller. The optimal usage of these sources results in decreased diesel consumption, increased battery life and reduced diesel generator maintenance and replacement costs resulting in savings for AST’s consumers.
New Delhi, India

Attero Recycling - Noida, India 

Attero Recycling Private Ltd. of India is a pioneer in the domestic e-waste recycling market.  It uniquely operates across the full spectrum of  e-waste recycling activities, from sourcing to recovery of component materials, and is . currently the first and only  end-to-end e-waste recycler officially recognized by the Government as having environmentally sound management facilities. 

Azure Power - New Delhi, India

Based in New Delhi, Azure Power is an independent solar power producer and the first private sector company to implement a megawatt scale grid connected solar photovoltaic power plant in India. The company creates solutions to deliver solar energy to its utility, government, and commercial customers. By providing solar energy as a service, Azure Power manages the entire project process for customers, while reducing the up front and ongoing operational costs and management.


Husk Power - Bihar, India

Husk Power Systems is a startup company based in Bihar, India, that provides power to thousands of rural Indians using proprietary technology that has been developed by the firm that cost-effectively generates electricity using a biomass gasifier that creates fuel from rice husks, a common waste product  in the region.

As of 2011, Husk Power Systems has been serving 150,000 people through its 60 systems in villages in India's states of Bihar, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal, using "mini power-plants" that each generate 35 to 100 kilowatts of power, providing up to eight hours of power, primarily during the evening hours when illumination is needed. The company is also planning to expand to other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa, where the combination of power shortages in rural areas and available rice husks make the generating systems an effective solution.

Microvast - Stafford TX, USA

Microvast is a growing research and technology driven company offering advanced power solutions for applications including electric vehicles, electric bikes, and power tools, as well as patented battery materials such as membrane, anode, electrolyte, & cathode. Microvast currently has three subsidiaries which together form a vertically integrated advanced power and technology company.

Shouren - Beijing, China

Shuoren dehumidifies combustion gases to increase the energy efficiency of steel furnaces, based on an approach the founders developed at Tsinghua University, Beijing. The approach can be applied to a number of other processes.

Sunpreme - Silicon Valley, USA

Sunpreme is a global photovoltaic solar start-up company, based in the Cayman Islands, and engaged in the business of developing and commercializing its proprietary SmartSilicon® based solar cells to satisfy growing global needs for low-cost, high efficiency clean energy. 

Tianjin Haitai - Tianjin, China

Haitai is a waste tire rubber modified asphalt (RMA) producer that also designs and operates equipment for RMA production. Through its proprietary know-how in material and equipment design, Haitai offers a product with higher rubber-to-asphalt ratio by using up more waste tires and less asphalt (less petroleum). This leads to more carbon efficient and durable roads that are also more cost effective than those paved on existing roads. 


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