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Cleantech encompasses innovative technologies and/or business models that advance efficient use of limited resources in the face of rapid demand growth in developing countries. 

Investment Areas in Clean Technologies Innovation


Cleantech is innovative technology, products, and/or services that: improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources; greatly reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact; and create sustainable, profitable business opportunities. Several ‘innovation hot spots’ relate to IFC’s Clean Technology mission and global development priorities in the core sectors we cover.



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Clean Energy


  • Innovative Solar manufacturing opportunities, in PV modules/cells, in systems, and concentrated solar power;
  • Secondary power supplies to displace diesel generation with clean energy (e.g. integration with telecom tower power loads);
  • Innovative business models for rooftop and portable solar PV;
  • Biomass.


Energy Storage


  • Mobile and stationary energy storage.



  • Innovative technologies in wastewater treatment;
  • Energy efficient desalination to provide portable water;
  • Smart water (sensors, controls and data analysis);
  • Technologies that limit/reduce/eliminate the use of water in traditional industrial processes.



  • Waste-to-energy and thermal gasification;
  • Recycling municipal solid waste or industrial waste, including e-waste where regulatory environment enables.

Bioenergy and Biochemicals


  • Biochemicals and biofuels to displace oil as transportation fuel and inputs for chemical industry;
  • Small scale biomass for electricity & heat generation for off-grid applications, using agricultural residues or energy crops (mostly in tropical climates).


Green Buildings 


  • Efficient building materials, heating/HVAC, lighting, and building controls.


Energy Efficiency


  • Manufacturing of advanced meters and demand response hardware as urbanization in the developing world continues.




  • Education
  • Medical systems

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