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IFC's Clean Technologies Investment Team fosters innovation by providing venture /growth capital and long-term partnership to high-potential, high-impact cleantech companies.  

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Climate Business Group – Clean Technologies Investments

International Finance Corporation

2121 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington DC 20433


Cleantech Venture Capital

We are the Venture Investment arm of IFC Climate Business Group 


The Clean Technologies Investment Team is IFC’s venture investment arm, focusing on companies with the potential to lead in technology and business model innovation and produce high development impact in emerging markets.  The Team is instrumental in furthering IFC’s commitment to innovation in emerging markets by focusing on climate change – a theme that encompasses a number of real and financial sectors. 


We provide critical investment expertise to high-potential innovative cleantech companies by providing venture or growth equity investments, helping push the envelope by getting involved in transactions at an earlier stage than IFC has traditionally done.  Investing directly in emerging markets or in technology transfer that benefits developing nations, we offer a long-term investment horizon, the ability to leverage the resources of the entire World Bank Group, and a commitment to maximize the value of client companies through sustained assistance. 

Our Strengths Lie in Long-Term Perspective, Strategic Partnerships, and Industry Expertise 


  • We offer long-term, permanent capital in form of various financial instruments critical to the viability of companies operating in climate change space.  We provide critical venture investments during start up, mezzanine financing during growth mode, and senior debt in the mature stage.
  • Due to our long-term perspective and full range of financial products, we can partner with businesses from an early stage through exit and beyond.
  • Our global footprint reaches all emerging markets, in most cases through direct on-the-ground presence in over 100 regional offices.
  • We have deep domain knowledge as the largest corporate investor in all sectors in the emerging markets for the past half century.  Furthermore, we can leverage our specialists and engineering experts who offer a wealth of experience in critical sectors and markets we cover.
  • Our unique network of partners and clients can assist portfolio companies with strategic partnerships and international expansion.
  • We have been active in venture investing in emerging markets for over a decade, having facilitated many successful exits.


In addition to financial returns, IFC optimizes for a “triple bottom line” set of criteria when prioritizing investments: economic development, climate and environmental impact, and nurturing sustainable business models. Our capabilities make us uniquely positioned to fill a funding gap for cleantech in the developing world.

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