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Experienced, trusted, and successful in public-private partnerships around the globe, IFC is the partner of choice for countries working to extend the reach and quality of their public services. 

Public Private Partnerships


IFC is the only multilateral organization that offers direct advisory services to governments on structuring public-private partnership transactions.

As advisor, we bring these unique qualities:

  • Over 20 years of experience in emerging markets;
  • Experience as an investor and lender to the private sector in emerging markets;
  • Established reputation with the global investment community;
  • Objectivity and transparency. Strict separation from IFC’s investment business for ongoing transactions;
  • Local presence. 102 offices in 92 countries;
  • Integrated approach and synergies within the World Bank Group. Access to experts and coordination of institutional reforms; and
  • Focus on developmental results and sustainable growth.


PPPs combine the different skills and resources of various partners in innovative ways and allow for the sharing of risks and responsibilities. This ensures governments benefit from the experience and expertise of the private sector,  allowing them to focus instead on policy, planning and regulation by delegating administrative and day-to-day operations. 


For more information on IFC's work in Public Private Partnerships, please visit our Advisory pages. 

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