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Sub-Saharan Africa

What is the CASA Initiative?
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, is providing immediate assistance, and long-term support, to fragile and conflict affected African countries to help them rebuild their private sectors, increase stability, reduce poverty, and put their populations back to work.

IFC’s Conflict Affected States in Africa (CASA) initiative, launched in 2008 and supported by donors Ireland, the Netherlands, and Norway, is a five-year program that is helping design and implement integrated strategies specially targeted to support economic recovery in conflict affected countries.

Additional donors Sweden and Denmark support CASA activities in Liberia and South Sudan respectively.

CASA Partners

CASA Countries

About CASA

The CASA Program focuses on:

    • Improving the business environment through regulatory reform
    • Strengthening small and medium sized businesses and support institutions, such as chambers of commerce
    • Rebuilding financial markets, banks and other financial institutions

    • Increasing private sector involvement in providing and rebuilding infrastructure such as roads, ports, schools, and power stations

Special Needs of Conflict Affected Countries

The terrible combination of poverty and conflict has devastated many countries in Africa. Prolonged conflict can leave economies without infrastructure, collapse legal and regulatory structures, and cause mass unemployment. The aftermath of war can also leave tens of thousands of ex-combatants dangerously idle.

Although most countries enjoy a quick upturn as basic economic activity resumes following the end of hostilities, sustaining long-term growth often proves problematic. Economies recovering from conflict can suffer from:

    • Lack of government institutional capacity
    • Weak and balkanized business associations
    • High levels of corruption and a climate of mistrust
    • High levels of informality
    • Marginalization of small domestic firms
    • Lack of basic infrastructure
    • Deterioration of financial services
    • Loss of markets

The CASA Program draws on all of IFC’s resources and expertise to develop both immediate and long-term holistic solutions to help speed private sector growth and stability.

IFC is working with a number of donor partners and private and public stakeholders to help bring opportunity to countries that need it most. The CASA Program is designed to engage with these countries quickly, and to provide long-term private sector development support.

Where is IFC’s CASA Program Active?

The program has begun work in some of the world’s most challenging countries, where war has destroyed businesses and brought grinding poverty to the population. Current priority countries are:


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