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Collaborating for Impact in Africa 

IFC works with governments, businesses, multilateral organizations, and foundations to foster innovative donor partnerships to reduce poverty and improve people’s lives. Our collaboration emphasizes the power of long-term partnerships, maintains a focus on results measurement and efficiency, and provides appropriate visibility for donor partners. 

Our donor partners are vital in helping us deliver greater development impact. The financial support they provide not only leverages IFC’s own contributions to advisory services but also enhances the impact of our investment operations through strengthened collaboration and shared mutual priorities. 

IFC’s partnership with our donors often extends beyond funding to a relationship based on mutual understanding, expertise, and knowledge sharing. We foster this by convening donors around thematic issues such as climate change and food security. In so doing, we strive to be thought leaders and to stimulate coordinated action. 

IFC advisory services provide advice, problem solving, training, and support to help Africa develop large infrastructure projects, build a positive investment climate by simplifying regulations and increasing transparency, and grow its private sector. IFC is also helping African countries develop domestic financial markets, promote environmental sustainability, and expand health and water services. 

Our teams are bringing global experience to countries across sub-Saharan Africa, with an increasing focus on the poorest and those affected by conflict. Many African governments are today calling for inclusive, market-based solutions to bring social and economic benefits to growing populations. IFC investment and advisory services are responding to those calls, helping pave the way for sustainable private sector development across Africa. 

In Africa, the main funding vehicle for advisory services is the Private Enterprise Partnership Africa (PEP Africa). Since 2005, IFC PEP Africa and its partners have provided more than $202.6 million in program support toward advisory services that promote private sector development in Africa. At the end of February 2012, IFC PEP Africa was managing 113 projects with a portfolio value of $180.9 million in 34 countries across Africa.


For further information about partnering with IFC in Africa, please contact our donor relations unit: 

Gregor Pfeifer


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