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Latin America and the Caribbean

About us

Established in 1956, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) supports private sector projects in more than 100 countries through investment and advisory services to create jobs and opportunities.  In Latin America and the Caribbean, IFC has offices in 16 countries which manage our operations in 30 countries in the region.


Our focus is on promoting:


Inclusive growth: Increase access to finance, basic goods and services, and infrastructure.


Competitiveness and innovation: Address bottlenecks in infrastructure by increasing public-private partnerships and improving the investment climate; expanding vocational and tertiary education; and supporting new sectors, such as mobile banking.


Regional and global integration: Improving legal frameworks for trade logistics; integrating regional financial markets; increasing south-south initiatives; and strengthening energy networks and transportation. Sustainable growth and competitiveness depend on integration.


Climate change: Catalyze private-sector involvement in addressing mitigation and adaptation issues in the region. Mitigation activities address renewable energy, cleaner production, and land use, while adaptation focuses on waste water treatment, disaster insurance, and zoning codes.


You may read the 2014 annual report. You may also download the IFC Latin America and the Caribbean brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese.


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