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Latin America and the Caribbean

Media Contacts and News

Adriana Gomez
Head of Communications for Latin America and the Caribbean
Tel: (202) 458-5204
Vanessa Bauza
Communications Officer
Central America and the Caribbean
Tel: (202) 458-1603 
Patricia Carvalho
Communications Officer
Tel: +55 11 5185 6873 

Darcy Crowe
Communications Officer
Andean Region

Tel: +57 1 313 6449

Mauricio Alejandro González Lara
Communications Consultant

Guillermo Panato Fernández
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Press Releases

Feature Stories

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Headlines Date
IFC Raises $45 Million for Banco Industrial do Brasil to Support Access to Finance for Smaller Businesses 3/12/11
Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Joins IFC's Trade Finance Program 3/12/11
Global Trade Finance in Latin America and the Caribbean 11/1/10
Our Swift Response in Haiti 9/1/10
Fostering Productive Public-Private Partnerships: Hospital do Subúrbio 9/1/10
Coffee - Local Farms, Global Markets: ECOM in Central America 4/22/10
Microfinance - Big Bank, Small Loans: Financiera Edyficar, Peru 4/22/10
Private Education - Extending the Reach: Uniminuto, Colombia 4/22/10
Helping the Poor Gain Access to Markets: Mi Tienda, Mexico 4/22/10
Renewable Energy - IFC's Role: Chile's Totoral project 12/9/09
Green Housing - A 21st Century Solution: VINTE Homes, Mexico 12/4/09
Student Loans Make Big Social Impact 11/2/09
Empowering SMEs and the Unbanked - DineroMail, Argentina 11/2/09
Helping Microfinance Institutions Create Opportunity: FDL, Nicaragua 9/1/09
Bolstering a Bank's Ability to Grow Amid the Crisis: Banco Continental, Paraguay 9/1/09
Multilaterals to Provide $90 Billion for Latin America in Times of Crisis 5/19/09
Multilateral Institutions to Lend $2.3 Billion for Panama Canal 12/9/08
IFC and Mexico: Improving Infrastructure and Access to Finance 7/1/08
IFC Amazônia Bond: Best Latin America Domestic Currency Bond 12/18/07
Colombia a Leader in Business Reform 11/28/07

40 of at least 41 item(s)

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