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Europe, Middle East & North Africa

Sustainable Business Advisory


Our Work

Millions of young people will enter the region’s work force over the next decade, fueling the demand for jobs. At the same time, water shortages, a scarcity of arable land and power shortfalls are already putting pressure on many economies in the region.

IFC’s Sustainable Business Advisory helps address those issues by working at the firm and sector level to develop inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and efficient markets. We also support female entrepreneurs, small-scale farmers, and small firms while engaging the private sector in climate change solutions.


To accomplish those goals, we:

  • Help firms, including SMEs, improve their performance and competitiveness by supporting them as they adopt better management practices and more efficient technologies;
  • Raise awareness among companies about the value of gender diversity and offer skills training to female entrepreneurs;
  • Work with leading companies to identify opportunities and mobilize capital to invest in inclusive and sustainable businesses in the region; and
  • Support businesses in improving resource efficiency to save costs, reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and promote access and transition to cleaner energy.


IFC Sustainable Business Advisory is active across the Middle East and North Africa.

  • In Tunisia, we advised Amen Bank as it strengthened its corporate governance and risk management practices, allowing the company to solidify its position as a market leader and expand its lending to smaller businesses.

  • In Jordan, we collaborated with the Jordan Institute of Directors, the Corporate Governance Unit of the Companies Control Department, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, to equip SMEs with skills they need for efficient oversight and control.

  • In Egypt, we conducted meet-the-investor sessions for SMEs, in collaboration with IFC's SME business skills training program (Business Edge), the Egyptian Private Equity Association, and the Egyptian Junior Business Association, connecting SMEs with private equity investment opportunities.

  • In Lebanon, we supported BLC Bank with the provision of non-financial services to its SME clients through the SME Toolkit, a capacity-building platform. The project team won the first runner up spot for the 2013 IFC CEO Gender Award for the Women in Banking program.

  • In Yemen, we worked with The Yemeni Businessmen Club, to organize training workshops and build the capacity of Yemeni businesswomen to serve as effective board members.

  • In Pakistan we began a multi-year program with Karachi Organic Energy Ltd, to develop a sustainable waste-to-energy project which aims to generate up to 22 megawatts of power from the manure of around half a million cattle.

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