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IFC’s investments in East Asia & the Pacific reached record highs during fiscal year 2012 that are expected to reach 130,000 farmers, improve health and education services for 1.2 million people and facilitate loans for around 5.4 million micro, small, and medium enterprises. IFC’s new investment commitments in 71 projects in 10 countries totaled $2.9 billion across the region.

About 65 percent of our loan and equity financing went to frontier areas, such as Mongolia, the Mekong countries, rural China, and the Pacific Islands.

Strengthening commerce between emerging markets—South-South investments— is critical to generating economic growth and tapping new sources of funds. Last year, IFC committed the equivalent of $1.6 million to help Mongolian lender Urumqi Tianrong Microcredit Company establish a project that will expand access to finance for small businesses in Xinjiang, one of China's poorest and most remote provinces.


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 IFC in Infrastructure and Natural Resources

IFC’s Infrastructure and Natural Resources Group provides equity and loan financing to viable infrastructure projects in East Asia and the Pacific.

We also advise governments and state-owned companies on the value of private companies providing public services, such as water, power, and transportation, using public-private partnerships.

Priority Areas:


  • Power, Renewable Energy, and Water – Addressing electricity and water needs while mitigating climate change
  • Transport and Logistics – Connecting markets and increasing competitiveness
  • Telecom and Technology – Increasing access to market information, improving livelihoods
  • Oil, Gas, and Mining – Securing raw materials in a sustainable way with tangible returns for investors and local communities, while preserving the environment
  • Public-Private Partnerships – Improving efficiency of infrastructure delivery through private sector participation


 Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services

IFC’s Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services Group in East Asia and the Pacific invests and supports private businesses that deliver essential human services while creating jobs and supporting long-term economic growth.


Priority Areas:


  • Food Security and Efficient Supply Chains – Improving production and yields by developing agribusiness supply chains, improving logistics and distribution, expanding access to credit for farmers, and ensuring environmental and social sustainability
  • Human Development and Well-being – Investing in health care, education, and other services  that improve the welfare of low-income households and the emerging middle class
  • Infrastructure and Construction – Helping develop infrastructure projects that spur new businesses, affordable housing, and production of sustainable construction materials
  • Climate Change – Addressing climate change by developing innovative financial solutions that help companies adopt energy-efficient technology and cut carbon emissions


 IFC in Financial Markets

IFC’s Financial Markets Group helps to build mature, private sector-driven financial markets that foster economic prosperity and create jobs. And we offer financing solutions that help combat climate change in East Asia and the Pacific.

We promote access to finance in remote and rural areas, linking farmers and laborers to the opportunities that an interconnected economy offers.


Priority Areas:


  • Small and Medium Enterprises – Increasing access to financing for smaller entrepreneurs that form the backbone of most of East Asia’s and the Pacific’s economies.
  • Microfinance – Helping small lenders scale up and respond to demand for loans at the base of the pyramid.
  • Climate Change – Alleviating the effects of greenhouse gases by developing financial products that both enhance profitability and encourage investments in climate-friendly technology.


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