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Cumulative Impact Assessment Management


In river basin areas with cascades of hydropower projects developed or planned, IFC supports governments and developers in improving the management of cumulative environmental and social risks.


The Nam Ou River Basin in the northeastern region of Lao PDR has seven planned hydropower cascades, three of which are under construction. IFC is working with the government to better understand the characteristics of the basin and develop a river basin profile. This requires supporting a wide range of stakeholders including government agencies, hydropower companies, and affected communities to better anticipate, evaluate, and manage the cumulative impacts of planned hydropower development.


IFC held a workshop on cumulative impact assessment and management for stakeholders in the Nam Ngum River Basin and a national workshop on environmental flows management to inform stakeholders of our current activities in the Nam Ou River Basin. Provincial and district authorities in Nam Ou are learning practical skills, which help them monitor the river’s environment and better understand and manage its natural flows.


Basin-level dialogue among stakeholders is essential to building an understanding among the public and the private sectors. IFC will support the development of hydropower forums as a platform for discussion.

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