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Sustainable Hydropower in the Mekong Region

Sustainable Hydropower in the Mekong Region 
Kate Lazarus, IFC senior operations officer, discusses how hydropower companies can better engage their stakeholders for sustainable development of the sector.
Michael Simon, Water and Infrastructure Program Advisor for Oxfam said, “Gender mainstreaming is not about the number of women in your human resources roster, it’s about your core business operations."
In river basins where multiple projects are planned, companies should consider working together to address the cumulative impacts that are likely to result.
“Chinese banks are among the leading lenders in neighboring Southeast Asia and Africa, making them important players in international development finance,” said Morgan Landy, IFC Transaction Risk Solutions Director based in Washington D.C.
“Hydropower demands are growing too fast to limit your scope to one country,” said Kate Lazarus, team leader for IFC’s Mekong sustainable hydropower program. “We’re approaching sustainability from an Asia-wide perspective.”



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IFC Promotes Sustainability of the Hydropower Sector in the Mekong Region


In Asia, 700 million people live without electricity. To meet Asia’s growing energy demands, hydropower projects in the Mekong region are developing fast. 


In Myanmar alone, hydropower potentials top 100,000 megawatts – the region’s highest. If realized sustainably, the energy produced could benefit 34 million people, or about 66 percent of the population that currently live without access to electricity. This is coupled with Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s energy generation potentials, which could bring electricity to nearly all rural households by 2020, drive business growth, and generate income to reduce poverty. 


The challenge, however, is to develop this natural resource sustainably. [read more] 







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