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Global Manufacturing

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IFC’s Strategy in Manufacturing


IFC invests in companies that are developing new products and markets, restructuring and modernizing to become internationally competitive, and expanding and moving toward a regional or global presence.



IFC focuses on clients that are, or have the potential to be, strong players in their local markets. In  middle-income countries, we increasingly support local second-tier companies and cross-border investments.


We also aim to play a strong role in developing local companies in IDA countries. Our emphasis on building local capacity, providing cutting-edge global expertise as well as financing, enables client companies to become more competitive and sustainable.


Our focus is on building centers of excellence in the sectors in which we operate, so that IFC offers global sector knowledge and best practices to clients. As these industries represent some of the most carbon-intensive sectors, we are helping clients develop and undertake investments that help reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption.

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