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Working With Us

The reality is that there will not be a one-size-fits-all solution for enhancing water and utilities access. In some cases local or national governments will be able to increase access to affordable services for their people in a timely manner.  In other cases, there may be private sector companies, or public-private partnerships (PPPs), that can achieve these goals more efficiently.  


IFC seeks financing opportunities that will provide the best development outcome for people in developing countries.  We support both public and private utilities.


Through our subnational financing program we finance municipalities and regional governments. We also provide debt and equity financing to private utilities. Through our Venture Capital division, we provide financing to early stage companies that are developing new water and waste technologies and delivery methods.


In 2013, IFC lent $217 million for water infrastructure projects and IFC’s water related projects provided water for 42 million consumers. 



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