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IFC has supported over 45 hydro projects resulting in over 4,800MW of capacity. IFC provides long maturities to match asset life in hydro projects, which helps to provide appropriate funding for longer-term projects. IFC also assists projects with environmental and social risk management issues unique to hydro projects. Finally, IFC takes construction risks and provides innovative bundling of smaller scale hydro projects.
With 70 investments resulting in over 21,000MW of capacity IFC has a longstanding commitment to thermal power generation. We have increased our focus on natural gas, energy efficiency investments and gas flaring reduction but continue to finance diesel and heavy fuel oil projects where limited alternatives exist.
Wind IFC is a leading investor in emerging market wind projects, with 34 investments totaling  more than 2,500MW of capacity. These projects can be found in new markets and within new regulatory regimes. IFC has experience with both equity and debt financing for wind projects. IFC can also mobilize concessional financing where needed. Our global experience means that IFC understands new regulatory support mechanisms and can assess and structure projects for regulatory support risk when needed.
IFC has financed 35 solar investments with over 650MW of capacity around the globe. These investments are found in new markets and within new regulatory regimes, and represent IFC’s wide range of financing products from equity to debt financing. We supported the first concentrated solar plants in Sub-Saharan Africa, the first merchant solar plant in Latin America as well as the largest solar plant in Latin America. We seek best-in-class developers, utility-scale plants and develop relationships with suppliers. We understand new regulatory support mechanisms and can assess and structure projects for regulatory support risk. As with wind financing, we can access concessional financing when needed.
IFC provides corporate finance to geothermal projects, or project finance to integrated (steam and plant) and plant-only projects. We have experience in both debt and equity financing to the sector. IFC has in-house technical experts that understand sector-specific challenges in geothermal projects, such as resource risk and long project cycles. IFC’s innovative structuring allows for stage disbursement to full resource completion. We are currently exploring ways to finance resource development. If needed, IFC can also mobilize concessional financing for geothermal projects.
Transmission and Distribution
IFC has financed over 35 transmission and distribution projects. IFC finances capital expenditure programs for distribution companies, including recently privatized companies and rural electrification concessions. IFC also provides financing of greenfield private transmission assets and privatized transmission assets.




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