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IFC's loan will help the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase capacity while benefiting the environment.
Organica Water's innovative wastewater treatment processes are expanding to emerging markets with IFC's financial assistance.
With IFC's investment, dloHaiti has improved water quality and access for over 145,000 people.
Manila Water Company serves 6.2 million people in the Philippines, leading to improved health outcomes with better quality water and increasing service quality.
IFC lent the equivalent of $6 million to Singaporean logistics firm Portek to facilitate the privatization of Magerwa Dry Port in Rwanda.

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The need for infrastructure improvements in the developing world is critical. Untold numbers of businesses suffer from lack of reliable power for industrial processes or because they cannot get their goods to the market. At the most basic level, millions of lives are threatened every day for lack of clean water or safe sanitation. Investment in infrastructure projects forms a key part of IFC's institutional strategy. We deliver landmark projects with high direct and indirect impact on the poor. In recent years, our focus has shifted to frontier countries and regions, where our services are most needed.

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