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IFC’s Engagement in the Health Care Sector

Health is a basic human need but many people in developing countries have no access to health care. By investing in this critical sector, IFC is contributing to improved access to high quality care for people of lower-income and middle-income levels. By working with partners who are willing and able to bring best practices to health care and life sciences, IFC is promoting the growth of efficient and effective companies to generate an important public good in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable way.

Across the emerging markets, the private sector plays a significant role in health service and life sciences, often representing a majority of all health service expenditure. Recognizing the significance of the private sector’s role, governments are increasingly exploring ways to enhance the efficiency and quality of provision through public-private collaboration. IFC’s roles include direct and indirect investment in health care and life sciences companies, sharing industry knowledge, raising management and clinical standards, increasing development impact, and informing government policy.

As part of its new global agenda, IFC is leveraging its knowledge and understanding of private health care to work more closely with providers based in developed economies who are looking to expand their investments into under-served developing countries.  Our strategy is to encourage and provide financing for the expansion of these global providers into new markets to build capacity and increase access to services. Developing country companies also benefit from global knowledge and expertise.

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