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Structured Trade Commodity Finance

Structured Trade Commodity Finance

IFC's Structured Trade Commodity Finance initiative is a collaborative solution to maintain and extend the availability of financing for the trade of critical commodities in emerging markets. Under this initiative, IFC can provide commodity-based financing across part or all of the trade value chain -- from logistics to purchase and sale of commodities -- with relatively predictable cash flows. 

This product takes a project-by-project approach to provide liquidity and risk mitigation for primarily real sector beneficiaries including processors, importers, and distributors primarily in the agricultural and energy sectors. Projects typically consist of a secured revolving short-term trade facility, with a bank partner acting as facility and security agent managing the daily operations and doing documentary verification and control.  

While the Critical Commodities Finance Program requires a diversified portfolio of obligors across various markets and sectors, the Structured Trade Commodity Finance initiative can be used for a single obligor operating in one or more countries.

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