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Financial Institutions


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IFC Headquarters USA
International Finance Corporation
2121 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20433

Switchboard: 202.473.1000

Global Financial Markets:
James Scriven, Global Industry Director
Georgina Baker, Industry Director, Global Trade & Supply Chain
Contact: John McNally, Communications Officer

Advisory Services:
Peer Stein, Director, Global Business Line
Gillette Conner, Knowledge Management Officer
Sona Panajyan, Communications Officer,
Investments & Advisory Services

Financial Infrastructure
Collateral Registries:
Alejandro Alvarez, Senior Financial Specialist

Jennifer Barsky, Program Manager

Financial Infrastructures:
Tony Lythgoe, Head
Shalini Sankaranarayan
, Operations Officer

Securities Markets:
Alison Harwood, Service Line Manager

Retail Finance:
Kenroy Dowers, Senior Manager

Agriculture Finance:
FM: Fang Chen, Investment Officer
AS: Panayotis Varangis, Head

Capital Markets:
Xavier Jordan, Head

Debt and Asset Recovery (DARP):
Josep M. Julia, Global Sector Lead

Housing Finance:
FM: Douglas Grayson, Head
AS: Friedermann Roy, Financial Specialist

FM: Alexander Ilkgelen, Head
AS: Vijay Kalavakonda, Senior Insurance Specialist


Sustainable Energy Finance:
Ajay Narayanan, Head
FM: Anne Lagomarcino, Program Analyst
AS: Miles Stump, Program Manager

Strategy Knowledge & Impact:

AS: Randhawa Bikki, Manager


MSME Finance
Mengistu Alemayehu, Senior Manager


AS: Matthew Gamser, Chief Operations  Officer - Head SME Finance Forum Washington, DC

FM: Paul Rusten, Principal Banking Specialist 

AS: Minerva Adei Kotei, Global Products Specialist

FM: Martin Holtmann, Head Microfinance 

AS: Makanda Kioko, Program Manager

SME Banking:
FM: Hakan John Wilson, Chief Banking Specialist & Head of Banking
AS: Anushe Khan, Operations Manager

Women in Banking:
Patience Marime-Ball, Principal Investment Officer
Marième Esther Dassanou, Operations Officer

Trade & Supply Chain:
Scott Stevenson, Senior Manager
Sabrina M. Borlini, Manager, Business Development

Hyung K. Ahn, Manager, Trade Products 


Private Equity Funds:
David Wilton, Manager

Peter Tropper, Chief Investment Officer

Global Portfolio Unit:

Ayesha Muzaffar, Portfolio Manager

Regional Offices: Financial Markets

East Asia:

Giriraj S Jadeja, Associate Director 
Bangkok, Thailand

South Asia: 
Inessa Tolokonnikova, Manager
Mumbai, India


Europe, Middle East & North Africa
Khawaja Aftab Ahmed, EMENA Director
Istanbul, Turkey

Central & Eastern Europe:
Reyes-Retana Manuel, Portfolio Manager
Moscow, Russia

Middle East & North Africa
William James Gohary, Regional Industry Manager
Istanbul, Turkey

Africa/Latin America & the Caribbean
Paolo Martelli, Regional Industry Director
Washington D.C.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Weetman, Ian, Regional Industry Manager Johannesburg, South Africa

Latin American & the Caribbean:


Europe & Central Asia, Central & Eastern Europe

Edward B. Strawderman, Regional Associate Director

Istanbul, Turkey

Regional Offices: Advisory Services

Sub-Saharan Africa:
David Crush, Regional Business Line Leader
Johannesburg, South Africa

East Asia & pacific:
Freeman Rachel, Manager 
Hong Kong, China

South Asia:
Jennifer Isern, Regional Manager
New Dehli, India


Europe & Central Asia:
Rolf Behrndt, Regional Manager,
Istanbul, Turkey

Latin America & the Caribbean:
Ghada Teima, Regional Manager
Lima, Peru

Middle East & North Africa:
Xavier Reille, Regional Manager
Cairo, Egypt


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