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"Animal Welfare in Livestock Operations." Animal Welfare in Livestock Operations is the sixth in IFC's series of Good Practice Notes on social environment sustainability. The publication is a joint initiative between IFC's Agribusiness Department (CAG) and the Environment and Social Development Department (CES). Its objective is to increase awareness among existing and potential IFC clients in emerging markets on how certain well-established animal welfare principles and practices can improve their business performance and help them gain competitive advantage. It does so by providing resource information about global trends and emerging good practices in this area. Read more...




"Creating Business Opportunity through Improved Animal Welfare," developed with funding from IFC's Agribusiness Department and the Social Responsibility Program, and with support from the Knowledge and Innovation Unit in the Environment & Social Development Department, demonstrates how IFC actively promotes good principles of animal welfare in investments in livestock operations in emerging markets as a way for our clients to improve quality and productivity. Read more...




In recognition that data collection and analysis are key diagnostic and evaluation tools supporting agricultural development, the aim of this Gates-funded “Livestock Data Innovation in Africa” project is to improve the quality of data on livestock in Africa to enhance the understanding of the roles of livestock in poverty reduction. This project supports the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program, regional organizations, and national stakeholders to identify entry points for linking smallholder livestock producers to lucrative animal protein markets.

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