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Overview of IFC's Work in Agribusiness



Business Opportunities

IFC provides financial and advisory support to the agribusiness sector along the full value chain directly to companies and indirectly through intermediaries (e.g. traders, financial institutions).

IFC’s investment instruments include long-term financing not otherwise available in the market place – equity and loans – partial credit guarantees and risk sharing. IFC provides financing for its own account (up to 35% for greenfields and up to 50% for expansions) and mobilizes syndications.

IFC adds value to clients through providing customized farm and company level advisory services that focus on sustainable resource management, supply chain management and raising corporate governance and business transparency standards.

IFC operates on a commercial basis. It invests in for-profit projects, fully shares risks with its partners, and charges market rates for its products and services.

A company or entrepreneur seeking to establish a new venture or expand an existing enterprise can approach IFC directly. The investment proposal can be submitted to the IFC field office that is closest to the location of the proposed project.

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