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Digital Finance

A FINCA client in the Democratic Republic of Congo. © IFC

IFC supports the development of innovative and sustainable financial services. Significant improvements in mobile phone, card, internet, and other technologies are resulting in new, innovative business models that deliver financial services at lower prices and reach more people.

Evidence has shown that even very poor people save small amounts, send and receive money from relatives, pay bills and school fees, and borrow from suppliers and others to meet obligations or take advantage of financial opportunities even in the absence of bank access. To satisfy their needs, most low-income people end up using informal mechanisms that are often insecure, unsafe, inefficient, and more costly than necessary.

IFC's goal is to increase the reach and breadth of financial services to the world’s un- and underbanked on a massive scale, while simultaneously reducing the cost to serve by fostering and supporting innovative and sustainable financial services providers.

To reach that, we support:

  • Greenfield payment services providers,

  • Financial intermediaries that seek to develop mobile channels,

  • Recently-launched ventures that are attempting to reach viable scale, and

  • More established service providers that wish to extend their reach and expand product range.


Digital Finance Contacts

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EXAMPLES OF what we do

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IFC’s Mobile Money Toolkit

IFC's Mobile Money Toolkit is a combination of both the best publicly available information and original content and newly created materials. It includes documents available from CGAP, USAID, the World Bank, GSMA, and other organizations that are doing research in the realm of mobile money. Each part contains a number of documents or tools, some specifically designed for this toolkit, others collected from the public domain.

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