It takes more than finance to achieve sustainable private sector development. Advice is a critical part of IFC’s work as a comprehensive solutions provider.

We provide technical and financing knowledge, expertise, and tools to:

  • Create markets in fragile and conflict-affected areas and in the poorest countries eligible to borrow from the World Bank’s International Development Association, or IDA
  • Unlock financing opportunities
  • Strengthen clients’ performance and development impact

Our advisory portfolio includes more than 700 advisory projects in about100 countries, valued at $1.3 billion. About 60 percent of IFC’s advisory program was in IDA countries—including more than 20 percent in fragile and conflict-affected areas.


How we work with companies

Agribusiness: we help companies improve productivity and standards—among other things, by creating efficient value chains, ensuring food security, and providing strong economic, social, and environmental benefits for smaller farming enterprises and communities.

Oil, Gas, and Mining: we help companies increase benefits to local communities and mitigate local risks in projects.

Corporate Finance Services: we help companies pursue new opportunities to enter or grow in emerging markets through mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Energy and Water Advisory: we develop competitive, environmentally friendly, efficient, and affordable energy solutions for companies across their value chain.

Green Buildings: we promote the efficient use of resources—such as water and energy—by companies and developers during and after the construction of buildings. We support governments in establishing related codes and regulations and work with banks to launch green-finance products.

Small and Medium Enterprises and Value Chains: we improve the performance of SMEs in companies’ supply and distribution networks and help SMEs address critical skill gaps. In addition, through the Better Work program, a partnership with the International Labour Organization, we help mobilize different stakeholders to improve working conditions and competitiveness in the garment sector.

Gender Equality: we increase women's access to finance and markets, help companies improve work opportunities and conditions for female employees, and support training for women entrepreneurs.

Strategic Business Solutions: we help companies resolve complex business challenges, structure innovative programs, and tap the potential of unexplored opportunities and markets through innovative programs like TechEmerge.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues: we help companies do business in a sustainable way by promoting sound environmental, social, and governance practices.


How we work with financial institutions and funds

Financial Institutions: we help clients strengthen risk management and diversify product offerings—in categories such as SME finance, housing finance, and sustainable energy. We also promote universal access to finance, strengthen capital markets, and establish credit bureaus and collateral registries.

Fund Managers: we help develop the private equity industry in frontier markets, provide advice to fund managers and SMEs in which the funds invest. Working with the World Bank, we also help promote sound regulation in the markets where the funds are located.


How we work with governments

Public-Private Partnerships: we help governments design and implement public-private partnerships in infrastructure and basic public services—such as electricity, water, health, and education—to increase access to high-quality and efficient services.

Investment Climate: we help improve the business environment—through reforms that promote investment, spur growth, and create jobs.

2030 Water Resources Group: we bring together governments, civil society, and the private sector to identify investment needs and drive reform that can address the challenge of water scarcity in water-stressed countries.