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Inclusive Business Insights and Analytics Brochure:



Case Studies:


  • Using market insights to understand farmer loyalty: the case of coffee producers in Nicaragua.


  • Using market insights to improve local supply chains: the case of cocoa smallholders in Côte d'Ivoire.

Inclusive Business Insights


Are you a business investing in emerging markets? How well do you know your customers, suppliers, or distributors? How can you reach all income segments of the market and what is the next frontier for growth? And how can you leverage supplier and distribution networks to reach your market potential?  

Inclusive businesses targeting low-income market segments struggle to make informed business decisions and overcome hurdles that inhibit future growth opportunities. Many firms are frustrated by the lack of information about their target customers, suppliers, or distributors and can become discouraged by unexpected results. We can help.

IFC’s Inclusive Business team leverages our on-the-ground experience and ongoing work in more than 100 developing countries to uncover critical market data to help companies like yours.  We provide customized market insights, analyze the results, and summarize it into knowledge and understanding—or insights—to help your company breakthrough barriers, make better decisions, and uncover new opportunities faster.

We work with inclusive businesses to:

  • Identify the needs, requirements, and motivations of low-income consumers, suppliers and distributors;
  • Measure satisfaction with a company’s activities; and, 
  • Segment target markets to deliver tailored products or services.


By uncovering these insights, we aim to help your company optimize its growth strategy, identify and create opportunities for collaboration with partners, and measure and report results more efficiently.


Uncovering Insights

We work hand-in-hand with inclusive businesses to uncover customized market data on your target customers, suppliers, and distributors. Information is gathered using a specialized Insights Framework customized for each one of our clients. We then help you analyze the data and translate insights into business action. 

Who Can Benefit

IFC inclusive business clients from across our investment portfolio can benefit from the Inclusive Business Insights and Market Analysis support. 


These firms should be seeking to:

  • Optimize product offerings for low-income consumers or improve product or service uptake; and/or
  • Improve the efficiency of value chain operations by incorporating low-income retailers, suppliers, or distributors into core operations. 

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