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Inclusive Business

Inclusive Business 
The survey provides a platform for inclusive business companies to raise the challenges they face everyday to policymakers around the world. Survey results will support the G20 Global Platform on Inclusive Business.
IFC's Eriko Ishikawa delivered the Keynote Address at the event, which convened global leaders to explore opportunities for advancing inclusive business in the Asia Pacific region.
G20 Leaders in Antalaya, Turkey issued a call to action to advance the ability of businesses around the world to integrate low-income people into their value chains.

Inclusive Business

IFC is the leading investor in businesses that offer goods, services, and job opportunities to low-income communities. IFC calls these "inclusive business models", which are commercially viable and replicable business models that include low-income consumers, retailers, suppliers, or distributors in core operations.


Since 2005, IFC has committed over $12.5 billion and worked with over 450 inclusive businesses in over 90 countries. These companies have integrated more than 250 million people, including farmers, students, patients, utility customers, and micro borrowers in core business operations. These investments are helping to improve lives, promote prosperity, and transform sustainable development outcomes in low-income communities around the globe.


Inclusive business investments span the entire IFC investment portfolio. Inclusive business models are operational in a variety of sectors, including agribusiness & forestry, ICT, education, health, financial markets, retail, housing and utilities. This range demonstrates the broad applicability of inclusive business as a commercially viable mechanism for integrating individuals at the base of the economic pyramid.


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