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Designing and using PPP units in infrastructure: Lessons from case studies around the world

Does Private Sector Participation Improve Performance in Electricity and Water Distribution?
Addresses the operation of utility networks by private companies.


PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center (World Bank)
Contractual and legal issues related to infrastructure legal reform and PPP projects.

Private Participation in Infrastructure Project Database
Data on more than 4,800 infrastructure projects in 139 low- and middle-income countries.

Global PPP network
Peer learning and sharing platform.

Public Private Partnerships - Improving Performance of Irrigation Services Provision eLearning  
World Bank Institute




Below are key books and handbooks for learning more about public-private partnerships:


How to Engage with the Private Sector in Public-Private Partnerships in Emerging Markets
World Bank, PPIAF, ICA

Public-Private Partnership Handbook
Asian Development Bank.

A Guide to Guidance - Sourcebook for PPPs
European PPP Expertise Center.

Determinants of Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure
International Monetary Fund

Developing Toolkits for Improving Public Private Partnership Decision Making Processes
World Bank, Government of India, PPIAF, AusAid

Guidelines for Successful Public-Private Partnerships
European Commission

Resource Book on PPP Case Studies
European Commission

PPP Toolkit for Improving PPP Decision-Making Processes
World Bank, Government of India

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