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Advisory Services



  • Renewable Energy Seminar, Turkey (11/2012)
  • Motorway PPPs Conference, Croatia (11/2012)
  • South-South Knowledge Exchange in Health, Online (07/2012)
  • Water PPP Seminar, Senegal (07/2012)
  • 2nd AFFI conference, Morocco (03/2012)
  • PPP Seminar, Lebanon (01/2012)
  • PPP Seminar, South Sudan (01/2012)
  • Medical Waste Workshop, Bangladesh (12/2011)
  • Sustainable Solid Waste Mgmt., Ukraine (11/2011)
  • PPP Seminar, Guinea-Bissau (11/2011)
  • PPP Conference, Nigeria (11/2011)
  • PPP Seminar, Brazil (10/2011)
  • Health PPP Workshop, Senegal (10/2011)





IFC organizes regular PPP seminars worldwide to help governments to increase their ability to implement partnerships with the private sector.

Private sector participation in infrastructure allows governments to leverage private finance, while creating additional sources of revenue and making space in fiscal budgets to focus on other areas with more pressing social needs. 


Latest seminars:

Strategic Grain Reserves Workshop, September 2013 (Nairobi, Kenya)

Senegal PPP Seminar, April 2013

If you wish to be receive further information or would like to participate in one of our upcoming seminars, please email


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